Transfer Applicants

any person...any study.

Students transfer to Cornell for many reasons: after completion of a two-year degree program, a change in academic interest, or simply a change of heart about the original institution chosen.

Whatever the reason, Cornell University welcomes transfer students to a degree unmatched in the Ivy League. Transfer students have been a part of the university since our founding in 1865. In fact, the first woman to graduate from Cornell–Emma Sheffield Eastman (Class of 1875)–was a transfer student. Today, between 500 to 600 transfers enroll at Cornell each fall and spring, enriching the classrooms and campus with a broad range of life experiences.

Learn more about Transfers at Cornell: how do they find their place, and where do they come from?

If you are thinking about the next step in your educational career, we invite you to consider Cornell, where ‘any person can find instruction in any study’ (Ezra Cornell, 1868). Our commitment to transfer student education sets the standard for the country’s preeminent universities. Visit our campus and explore our website and see for yourself all that Cornell has to offer.

Are you a transfer student? 

You must apply to Cornell as a transfer student if you’ve graduated from high school and have earned 12 or more credits (not including exams such as Advanced Placement) at another college or university. If you’ve enrolled as a full-time student at another institution, you’re also considered a transfer applicant. If you are enrolled in a dual-enrollment or early-college program and haven’t yet graduated from high school, you will apply as a first-year applicant.

Before you apply, be sure to review our checklist to make sure you have all the things you need for your transfer application.

If you are an international applicant, see additional information for international students.

To apply, get started here.

Not a transfer applicant? We also have a first-year applicant checklist.