What are the GPA and SAT/ACT cutoffs for admission?

We don't have any. Unlike some colleges and universities, Cornell does not use any single formula for its admission decisions. In fact, the whole process can be very subjective. First and foremost, we look at your high school record, the rigor of your coursework, your grades, and your rank-in-class (don't worry if your school doesn't rank – that's quite common). The personal application you write (essays, extracurriculars, etc.) is also a very important piece of Cornell's selection process. Standardized testing plays a role, but probably not as much as you think. From there, we rely on a lot of tools that can't be quantified: recommendations, for example, and interviews (required for architecture and hotel applicants). Since all of these pieces help inform our decisions, we can't point to any master chart of GPA and test scores and automatically tell you what the decision will be. And frankly, we like it that way, because it allows us to learn as much as we can about each of our applicants.