Research Opportunities

Cornell is one of the greatest research universities in the world, and providing undergraduates with research opportunities is a top priority. Students across Cornell collaborate regularly with faculty on projects, and sometimes for academic credit or pay too. You don’t have to be a scientist or an engineer to get involved. Research opportunities are available for students in all of our majors.

Below are some common questions about research opportunities at Cornell:

Q.  How do I find out about research opportunities?

A.  There are many resources, but the Office of Undergraduate Research is a good place to start. Some professors may announce opportunities in class, or you can speak to them directly about projects where student research assistance might be needed. You can also join student organizations such as the Cornell Undergraduate Research Board to see what students are working on with faculty.

Q.  What if I have my own project in mind?

A.  The first step is to develop familiarity with your field of interest, then take classes that relate to the project you’re thinking about. This will introduce you to professors who share a similar passion. You can also attend lectures on campus and speak with faculty members.

Q.  Do I have to wait until I’m an upperclassman to conduct research?

A.  No. Many first-year and second-year students explore their options by volunteering in labs and networking.

Q.  Can I do a project outside of my home department?

A.  Absolutely! This will give you a chance to explore and become a well-rounded student. You’ll likely learn that the techniques and principles applied in your research project relate to the subject or area you’re studying.