Does Cornell have pre-med, pre-vet, or pre-law majors?

Cornell students do not major in pre-med, pre-vet, or pre-law. They complete the preparatory coursework for graduate programs in human and veterinary medicine, and law while pursuing the academic discipline that interests them most as undergraduates. Pre-med and pre-vet students majoring in everything from art history to sociology complete the preprofessional courses that are required by med and vet schools – introductory biology, chemistry, and physics, for example. Pre-law students also pursue any of the majors offered at the university while honing their skills in writing, verbal communication, research, problem-solving, and analysis.

As applicants to med and law programs, Cornell students do extremely well. Nationally, about 44% of the applicants to medical schools were accepted in 2009. Of the Cornell students who applied for 2009 admission, 71% were accepted to at least one medical school; and Cornell students with a grade point average of 3.4 or above had an acceptance rate of 80%. As for law school, 89% of the Cornell applicants were accepted to at least one law school for the fall, compared to the national average of about 66%.

Additional information may be found on the pre-med/pre-vet and pre-law pages.