About the Wait List

What is the wait list?

You are being offered a place on Cornell’s wait list because, given enrollment limitations, we cannot offer you admission at this time. Keeping your name on our wait list will give you the opportunity to keep your application active until we determine whether sufficient numbers of currently accepted applicants will enroll. If spaces still remain after the May 1 reply date, we may be able to extend an offer of admission to you.

What are the chances of being selected from the wait list?

We are not able to estimate your chances for admission at this time. However, over the past five years, an average of 2,500 applicants a year have confirmed a place on Cornell University’s wait list. During this time, we have admitted as many as 168 students (and as few as 61) from the wait list. Please keep in mind that no admission offers will be made until we know how many openings there will be and how many applicants have decided to remain on the wait list. As a reminder, Cornell’s wait list is managed college by college.

Some general advice:

Applicants who were admitted during the regular selection process must let us know by the May 1 reply date if they plan to enroll. Shortly thereafter, we should know whether we are able to offer admission to additional candidates.

We notify wait list candidates of their status as soon as it is clear that additional offers of admission can be made or that no space is available. Meanwhile, it is important that you assure yourself of a place at another college or university to which you have been admitted.

We encourage you to update your admission and financial aid applications if you choose to remain on the wait list. Detailed instructions about applying for financial aid are included on the next page. We are particularly interested in receiving new grade reports, information about new honors or awards, and updates on your activities. Please use the Optional Supplemental Materials section on your application status page. Grade reports should be submitted to Cornell University by your school. Should you have questions, please contact admissions@cornell.edu. Of course, we would welcome any other information, too. 

How to reply:

Please let us know by April 10 if you are interested in keeping your name on our wait list by completing your wait list reply form.

Further questions?

If you have further questions about the wait list, please contact the appropriate undergraduate college admissions office at Cornell.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences       607.255.2036                cals_admissions@cornell.edu
College of Architecture, Art, and Planning    607.255.4376                aap-admissions@cornell.edu
College of Arts and Sciences                           607.255.4833                as_admissions@cornell.edu
SC Johnson College of Business
         Dyson School                                            607.255.2036                dyson_admissions@cornell.edu
         School of Hotel Administration             607.255.6376                sha_admissions@cornell.edu
College of Engineering                                     607.255.5008                engr_admissions@cornell.edu
College of Human Ecology                              607.255.5471                humec_admissions@cornell.edu
School of Industrial and Labor Relations     607.255.2222                ilr_admissions@cornell.edu

If you are applying for financial aid, review your financial aid application status online (http://www.finaid.cornell.edu/check-application-status) using your applicantID and password. Only outstanding items are listed. If you have any outstanding items, please submit them immediately.

A complete list of requirements and submission instructions can be found online here: http://www.finaid.cornell.edu/apply-aid/prospective-applicants.

If you no longer wish to apply for financial aid, or you wish to apply for federal loans only, please let us know by emailing us at finaid@cornell.edu.

If you have not already done so, it is extremely important that you complete the financial aid application process immediately. Timely completion will avoid delays in the preparation of a financial aid award should you be admitted.