COVID-19 Health Measures for Undergraduate Information Sessions

All Information Session Attendees Must Adhere to Our Health & Safety Protocols

To attend an on-campus information session, you must provide one of the following:

  1. proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine;
  2. results of a negative FDA- or DOH-authorized PCR, rapid PCR, or nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) COVID-19 test collected within 72 hours of event;
  3. an FDA-authorized antigen test performed on a specimen collected within six hours of time of event.

You will be required to show this documentation, along with a photo ID matching the name of the attendee, to a Cornell staff member prior to entering the event space. A photo, photocopy, or screenshot, or an electronic device is acceptable. This documentation will provide access to the event but will not be collected for record-keeping. If any registered attendee is unable to provide the documentation above, they will be prohibited from attending the on-campus information session.

In addition to the above requirements, we kindly ask that all attendees:

  • Regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask for the duration of the event. Individuals not wearing a mask during the event will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Refrain from travel if they are ill, believe they have been exposed to Covid-19, or have been advised to isolate or quarantine.

Proof of Vaccination
For proof of vaccination, you can use:

  • CDC Vaccination Card. A photo or photocopy of this card is also acceptable. Card must include name, vaccine brand, lot #, dose dates, and the site administrator.
  • Official immunization record from within or outside the U.S., including from your health care provider. Documentation must include at a minimum: name, vaccine brand, dose dates, along with the name of the certifying agency providing the immunization record. International documentation must be translated into English, including your name.
  • NYC COVID Safe App: Android | iOS You can upload to this app a photo of your CDC vaccination card or other official record, along with your photo ID.
  • NYS Excelsior Pass (or Excelsior Pass Plus): Android | iOS
  • Cornell students, staff, and faculty can present proof of verification using Cornell University Daily Check page showing name and Covid-19 Proof of Vaccination.

Proof of Negative COVID-19 Test
Proof of a nagative COVID-19 test (PCR, rapid PCR, NAAT, or antigen) must include:

  • The name of health care facility or testing program providing the result
  • Your name matching photo identification presented at boarding
  • Date and time the sample was taken
  • Testing methodology (PCR, rapid PCR, NAAT, or antigen)
  • Result of “negative” or “not detected”