January 2023

Greetings from Cornell University Undergraduate Admissions! We are currently processing and reviewing Regular Decision applications received from tens of thousands of students from throughout the US and around the world.

We appreciate the time and attention you give to each student and the critical assistance you provide in the preparation and success of each admission application; your partnership throughout this process is invaluable.

In this e-newsletter, we will cover: 1) Early Decision admitted and enrolling student information; 2) Early Decision applicants postponed to Regular Decision; 3) Regular Decision application processing, Cornell application status accounts, and supplemental materials submission; 4) Regular Decision financial aid deadline information; 5) engagement opportunities for prospective students; and 6) our online searchable database of frequently asked questions.

For students already admitted to Cornell during Early Decision, here are some important reminders:

  • The deadline to submit the non-refundable enrollment deposit for admitted Early Decision students is January 16. If admitted students need to request additional time to respond due to prior, ongoing engagement with Cornell financial aid or other reasons, we ask that the student log into their Cornell application status account and complete the Enrollment Deposit Extension Request form at https://engage.admissions.cornell.edu/account.
  • For students who may be interested in deferring their enrollment for one or two years, Cornell University broadly supports the notion of a gap year experience for students between high school and college. Successful gap year experiences start with a well-developed plan and include personal goals. We encourage students considering Cornell for their undergraduate education to apply and gain admission before requesting an enrollment deferral to participate in a gap year experience. We ask students to submit their request by logging into their Cornell application status account and complete the Enrollment Deferral Request form. Undergraduate Admissions will quite often want to discuss gap year plans before granting a request. Early Decision admitted students who wish to request a deferral must do so by March 1, and Regular Decision admitted students who have deposited and wish to request a deferral must do so by June 1. More information can be found at: http://admissions.cornell.edu/apply/enrollment-deferral-policy.
  • Early Decision admits who are US citizens, permanent residents, or eligible non-citizens, who have not yet applied for financial aid have until February 15 to complete and submit the CSS PROFILE in order to be considered/eligible for institutional financial aid from Cornell. Eligible non-citizens include permanent residents, refugees and asylees, undocumented students with and without DACA status, and eligible students who have been long-term Green Card applicants but have not yet achieved Legal Permanent Resident (Green Card) status. Note that response to the offer of Early Decision admission is still required by the deadline, even if the student did not previously apply for aid. For more information on the financial aid process, please visit: http://www.finaid.cornell.edu

As a reminder, Early Decision applicants whose decisions were postponed to Regular Decision are not permitted to change the college/school indicated in their application and to which they have already applied. Postponed students are, however, welcome to send in new, supplemental materials and information, including updated grades, honors, awards and activities, which have been received since the application was submitted. Students can also send letters and emails stating continued interest. Please have postponed students upload new items via the supplemental materials uploader in their Cornell applicant portal.

Regarding online application status and submission of materials for Regular Decision applicants to Cornell, here are a few key points:

  • A confirmation email is sent to all applicants with instructions on how to view their application status online and how to upload supplemental materials. Please encourage students to monitor their Cornell application status online.
  • Discourage students from resending documents already submitted and from sending paper copies of information that can be submitted online, unless they are specifically asked to do so.
  • As part of Cornell’s commitment to its applicants, we will work closely with applicants and their counselors to complete applications so that we can make admission decisions.
  • Submit all application items online, using the Common Application, when and if possible. Materials submitted electronically are attached to the application more quickly than materials sent by mail.
  • If students have supplemental documents they would like to add to their file, they may upload them via their Cornell applicant portal. The deadline to submit supplemental application information for Regular Decision applicants is February 15.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The Regular Decision financial aid application deadline for U.S. citizens/permanent residents and eligible non-citizens is February 15. For more information regarding financial aid at Cornell, please visit: http://finaid.cornell.edu/apply-for-aid.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: The Regular Decision international financial aid application deadline for international citizens was January 2. For more information regarding international financial aid at Cornell, please visit: http://finaid.cornell.edu/apply-for-aid or email: intl-finaid@cornell.edu.

For the next few months, while we review applications and finalize the class entering in the fall of 2023, we will also direct our attention to introducing juniors, younger students and their families to Cornell University. We recommend joining us in February or March for one of our virtual or on-campus Undergraduate Admissions Information Sessions. Dates and availability will be finalized and communicated soon. Our campus tour schedule is set through April and can be viewed at: https:/www.cornell.edu/visit. Students and families are also welcome to check out our online and virtual content available via our Virtual Visit website. Within the site you will find: student blogs; university, college and school information sessions; admissions requirements; information on all of our undergraduate majors; news, important updates, video tours and so much more.

Finally, we hope that you and your students take advantage of our searchable database of frequently asked questions (and answers). Our database is dynamic and growing and currently includes everything from the admissions process to academics to life on campus. If you haven’t already done so, check it out today at https://faq.enrollment.cornell.edu/.

We look forward to working with you and your students and invite you to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. And please accept my very best wishes for your health and well-being in this new year.


Shawn Felton
Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Cornell University