Fall Transfer Application Deadline Update

The Fall Transfer admissions application deadline is March 15, however we would like to provide some additional time to submit, if needed. Should students have any issues or be delayed in submitting the application and application fee (or fee waiver/waiver request) by the deadline, know that we understand that this can happen and we have always allowed a few weeks of grace around the March 15 Fall Transfer admissions application deadline. You do not need to email or call us to request permission or let us know that you needed to submit your application after 11:59 pm ET on March 15. This is absolutely fine. Consider this communication permission to take a little more time to complete and submit your application to Cornell. Fall transfer applications submitted within the weeks immediately following March 15 will be happily received, processed, and reviewed by our admission committees along with all other Fall Transfer applications. If a Fall Transfer admission application arrives to us before and by April 15, students do not need to contact us and they will not need to request a formal extension. In addition, if you are a Fall Transfer candidate, please see this message from Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Shawn Felton.