Regular Decision Applicants

Our application processing center is in the midst of receiving several thousand applications, each of which includes multiple pages of supporting documentation. Though we wish the process were immediate, it does take time to enter all of the information. Also, our system is electronic and it is not uncommon for materials to be separated during processing. However, you can rest assured that your materials will be appropriately matched once they have gone through our system.

First-year regular decision applicants are encouraged to activate their ApplicantIDs and check their application status online. School Report and Teacher Evaluation Forms are still being processed and you should expect an additional 12-14 days before your application status is updated.

Also, at this time we are unable to respond to phone calls or email inquiries about application materials. We ask that you continue to monitor your online status account. If we are lacking any materials in mid-February, we will contact you directly via email; we will provide you with an opportunity to complete your application. In the meantime, please do not send duplicate copies of your application materials. Please know that we appreciate your continued patience.