Standardized Testing Requirements

Cornell University requires freshman applicants to submit either all SAT or all ACT scores. Please note that Cornell does not participate in the College Board’s Score Choice. Applicants who decide to submit both the SAT and ACT to meet testing requirements must submit all scores for both tests. In addition, each undergraduate college/school at Cornell has specific requirements for SAT Subject Tests (see requirements below).

SAT Subject Test Requirements by College/School

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences: SAT Subject Tests not required
  • Architecture, Art, and Planning: SAT Subject Tests not required
  • Arts and Sciences: Two subjects of your choice
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business—Applied Economics and Management: SAT Subject Tests not required
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business—Hotel Administration: SAT Subject Tests not required
  • Engineering: Mathematics (any level) and a science of your choice
  • Human Ecology: SAT Subject Tests not required
  • Industrial and Labor Relations: SAT Subject Tests not required

Additional Information About Required Testing

  • Cornell University does not require the optional essay section on the SAT or ACT.
  • Your SAT results will be superscored to combine your highest reading/writing and math sections.
  • Your ACT composite will not be superscored.
  • ACT scores may not be used to fulfill SAT Subject Test requirements.
  • AP and IB scores may not be used to fulfill SAT Subject Test requirements, but we do ask that you report them if taken.
  • All required scores must be officially reported to Cornell from the testing agency by our application deadline.
    • Please note, if your application and application fee/fee waiver are submitted by the deadline, it is acceptable to have other supporting materials (transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, etc.) arrive shortly thereafter. It is best to ensure that all application materials are sent as close to the deadline as possible.
  • Review the Freshman Admission Requirements Chart for additional information.

Important Note from Cornell Undergraduate Admissions Regarding the OLD SAT and NEW SAT
Cornell University will allow admission candidates for Fall 2018 to submit both old and new SAT test results to meet admission testing requirements. Old and new SAT results will remain discrete and will not be combined and superscored. Only new SAT test results will be accepted starting with admission candidates for Fall 2019. Learn more about the Cornell University Admissions Policy for the new SAT.