Transfers at Cornell

Finding Your Place at Cornell

Before you apply, you must determine which college is the right fit for you. Take a close look at the university’s academic programs and determine whether Cornell offers the opportunities you are looking for. Can you pursue your intellectual passions here as you work toward your ultimate career and life goals? No matter which college you choose, you will be well prepared for the career path you desire.

The college or school you choose will be your academic “home” within the larger university. You’ll take many of your courses in this college. You will get to know faculty and staff members on a first-name basis, and you’ll make new friends among other students in the college.

If you have a strong academic foundation in the liberal arts, you may want to consider applying to the College of Arts and Sciences, but this background will also position you to study in any of Cornell’s undergraduate colleges or schools. You can study many subjects - such as biology, computer science, design, business, geology, and psychology - in more than one college or school.

For example, if you are interested in English and writing, you may want to consider the communication program in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. An alternative for psychology students is the human development program in the College of Human Ecology. For students interested in government and public policy, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations may be a good choice. Many students seeking a business-related degree enroll in the School of Hotel Administration. In addition, you can prepare for medical, law, or business school in any of Cornell’s undergraduate colleges or schools.

Whichever you choose, planning is important because each college and school has its own admissions requirements for transfer students.

Begin by exploring the academic opportunities at Cornell.

Where do transfer students come from? Review the data below and learn more about Transfers at Cornell.

Number of enrolling transfer students

  • Women: 312
  • Men: 237
  • From two-year institutions: 78
  • African American, Asian American, Latino, and Native American transfer students: 166
  • International transfer students: 28
  • New York State transfer students: 187
  • Transfer students from the Northeast*: 148
  • Transfer students from outside of the Northeast*: 186 (214 if including international)

*includes New England and Mid-Atlantic

2019 New Transfer Students by College **

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences: 223
  • Architecture, Art, and Planning: 10
  • Arts and Sciences: 44
  • Engineering: 23
  • Cornell SC Johnson College of Business
    • The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management: 47
    • Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration: 74
  • Human Ecology: 49
  • Industrial and Labor Relations: 118

**includes Spring Semester transfers. Cornell typically enrolls 80-100 new transfer students each Spring Semester. Not all Cornell colleges/schools enroll transfer students for the Spring Semester.