Playing Sports on Campus

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Touchdown Riley B.

Cornell has a vast and diverse student body. This means there are endless activities you can get involved with on campus, including sports. This is a great way to get active and connect with the Cornell community, whether you want to play on a varsity team, a club team, an intramural team, or if you just want to be a spectator.

Playing Club Sports

I knew I wanted to play on the women’s club soccer team during my first year at Cornell. Some of my favorite memories were made playing soccer, and I did not want to give up my favorite pastime at college. Many club sports tryouts begin very early, something I was unaware of during my first year. I highly encourage checking the website or social media of the club sport you want to join before coming to campus to ensure you have everything you need to get started. I did not bring my soccer cleats to campus in time to try out my first year, but I was able to the following fall. I’m so glad I did.

Many of the club teams on campus play in regional leagues, where they have the opportunity to go to regionals and nationals or play in tournaments. This means it is very common for the teams to travel for games. The women’s club soccer team has played at the national tournament for the past three years. Last year, we played in Austin, Texas, and had so much fun playing club teams from across the country.

Riley's soccer club team poses together.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports, especially soccer, flag football, and volleyball are extremely popular at Cornell. You can build your own team to either play competitively or recreationally. These are some of the most fun games to watch, as teams are typically made with groups of friends or club members, and all games are on campus. A few of my friends even get paid to referee.

Varsity Sports

I am no Division 1 athlete, so I am not able to give too much insight into what it’s like to play a varsity sport here. I can say, however, that Cornell has 37 men’s and women’s sports teams, meaning there will always be a sporting event to catch if you’re up for it. We are best known for our lacrosse and hockey games and have some nationally ranked-wrestlers. Most games are super accessible and tickets for students are always cheap, but if you want to get tickets to the Cornell vs. Harvard men’s Hockey game, make sure to check the Cornell sports website a few months in advance. They sell out in two minutes!