Diversity & Community Resources

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Cornellians can take advantage of identity-based resources that provide community and support, student organizations that foster belonging, and academic and career development resources that provide guidance during their collegiate years. 

Cornell University’s founding principle of “… any person … any study” continues to be practiced through the resources provided to the specific identities represented within the diverse student body. 

Africana Studies & Research Center

The Africana Studies & Research Center is committed to continuing academic innovation in Africana studies and remaining at its forefront theoretically and pedagogically while sustaining its ongoing commitments to activism and community engagement.

American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP)

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP) provides a unique combination of American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS) courses, student leadership opportunities, and an undergraduate residential experience at Akwe:kon, the first Native student residence hall in North America.

Asian and Asian American Resource Center (A3C)

A3C brings together the rich diversity of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi American (APID/A) student experiences to support a strong and inclusive campus community. The Center strives to be an affirming and welcoming space on campus that works to incorporate principles of social justice into its programs and services.

First-Generation & Low-Income Student Support (FGLI)

FGLI student support promotes identity exploration, community, advocacy, and empowerment for all students who identify with the first-generation and/or low-income student experience. The support offered advances equity and inclusion through engaging programs, individual conversations, and the ongoing development of resources and tools that contribute to the academic and personal success of FGLI students at Cornell and beyond.

Latina/o Studies Program

All Cornell students are welcome to participate in the Latina/o Studies Program’s academic and socio-cultural events. They benefit from its dedicated and accessible staff and faculty members, rigorous and multidisciplinary curriculum, and its intercultural residential program house, the Latino Living Center. The Living Center provides students from many cultural backgrounds with a safe and supportive environment where Latino cultures and worldviews are valued.

LGBT Resource Center (LGBTRC)

The LGBT Resource Center is here for LGBTQ+ students of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences. The LGBTRC strives to be an affirming and welcoming space on campus that incorporates social justice principles into its programs and services.

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI)

OADI focuses on inclusion and achievement across the Cornell campus, so students of all backgrounds excel at their academic goals. OADI programs especially support low-income students and underrepresented students of color.

Office of Spirituality & Meaning-Making (OSMM) and Cornell United Religious Work (CURW)

OSMM supports all Cornell students — regardless of their religious or ethnic background — in deepening their beliefs and discovering a sense of meaning and purpose. OSMM also supports Cornell United Religious Work (CURW), a community of affiliated chaplains — religious, spiritual, and secular leaders — who offer additional spiritual support, programming, and service opportunities.

Student Disability Services (SDS)

The SDS staff works in partnership with Cornell faculty, staff, and students to ensure that all aspects of student life are accessible, equitable, and inclusive of individuals with disabilities.

Undocumented & DACA Student Support

The mission of the Undocumented Student Support Office is to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment for all undocumented students to succeed at Cornell University through programs and initiatives intended to support their overall personal, academic, and professional goals and aspirations.

Veterans at Cornell

Cornell has a proud military history dating back to 1862. We are proud of our students who have graduated from Cornell and then served in the military and those who are veterans who attend Cornell after serving.

Gender Equity Resource Center

The WRC believes in — and strives for — women’s education, empowerment, and strength. The Center aims to foster a vibrant and supportive campus community for woman-identified and gender marginalized students so that they can bring their full and authentic selves to every part of their lives. And WRC believes it’s best to champion women from an inclusive and intersectional place. Through leadership development opportunities, dynamic programs, and engaging events, the Women's Resource Center strives to build community and promote gender equity and inclusion at Cornell.

See the Cornell University Campus Groups website to learn more about our 1,200+ organizations.

ALANA Intercultural Programming

ALANA seeks to provide the Cornell community with wide and diversified programming regularly and allocate funds to registered student organizations for programs that encourage diversity and intercultural efforts.

Black Students United (BSU)

BSU brings together Black students on campus monthly to provide a constructive exchange, which includes topics of education, culture, civic duty, recreational events, finance, health, and social events to promote the projects and philosophy of Black students on campus.

Building Ourselves Through Sisterhood & Service (B.O.S.S)

Building Ourselves Through Sisterhood and Service is a student-run peer mentorship organization dedicated to aiding in the transition to college for self-identified women of color at Cornell.


DREAM Team exists to promote the common value and shared community standard of "any person...any study” by empowering undocumented students through advising and providing a support network.

Latina/o Organizations at Cornell

The Latina/o Studies Program supports 35+ organizations serving Cornell’s diverse Latina/o community. These organizations celebrate Latina/o cultures and help students connect and thrive academically and socially.

MiXed at Cornell

MiXed at Cornell is led by a small group of undergraduates with a mission of fostering a safe space for students who identify as mixed to share their experiences and create a community.

The Undergraduate Veterans Association (CUVA)

Serving as veterans’ liaison to Cornell, CUVA advocates for their rights and connects them with industry leaders for potential career opportunities.

Cornell University works hard to ensure all students have access to the resources they need to succeed. This includes career development, tutoring services, support for acclimating first-year students, and much more!

Cornell Career Services

Cornell’s Career Services Office works with students to establish a foundation upon which to build their careers over a lifetime. They work to inspire and help students discover their interests and values through interviews, one-on-one tutoring, and workshops.

Cornell Team and Leadership Center

A nationally recognized leader in the field of experience-based learning, CTL has provided programs for students and professionals since 1997. Their custom programs range from short energizer sessions to multi-day trainings that combine dynamic, experiential learning.

David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement

The Einhorn Center provides local, national, and international public service opportunities to Cornell students, faculty, and alumni.

Cornell University Library

The Library stands at the center of intellectual life on campus. Expert librarians are available in person and online 24/7 to help navigate our world-class collections and assist with papers, exam prep, and long-term projects.

Knight Writing Institute for Writing in the Disciplines

The Cornell Writing Centers offer the support of trained graduate and undergraduate tutors to discuss specific writing pieces. Their services are open to students of all majors.

Learning Strategies Center (LSC)

The Learning Strategies Center encompasses many departments of study and can be found throughout different buildings around campus. The Center offers tutoring services, organizing tips, video lectures, and much more!

Tatkon Center for First-Year Students

The Tatkon Center is a support and resource center uniquely focused on first-year undergraduate and transfer students’ needs. Their programming fosters academic and career exploration, health, and well-being while celebrating diversity on campus.

One of Cornell’s missions is to foster lifelong learning and well-being through innovative services and strategies that promote our diverse campus community’s physical, emotional, and social health.

Body Positive Cornell (BPC)

BPC is a peer education initiative that fosters body acceptance, challenges discrimination based on size/appearance, and strives to be a force for positive social change at Cornell.

Cornell Fitness Centers (CFC)

CFC is housed in four different locations on campus. Facilities include gymnasiums, a bowling alley, a pool, a rock climbing wall, and more. With flexible hours, CFC offers students convenient ways to incorporate mental/physical health into their routines.

Cornell Minds Matter

Cornell Minds Matter promotes all Cornell students’ overall mental and emotional health, works to reduce the stigma of mental illness, and holds events open to the entire Cornell community that foster a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS provides confidential mental health support. It is staffed by psychologists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists who work to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to treating personal and social health issues.

Let’s Meditate

Let’s Meditate is a free, guided mindfulness meditation series sponsored by Cornell Health in collaboration with numerous campus partners. Everyone is welcome, including students, faculty, and staff of all ages, genders, sizes, shapes, and abilities.

Self-Care Guides

Many common health conditions can be managed successfully without an evaluation from a health care provider. Cornell Health has created a collection of Self-Care Guides to assist students in addressing some of the most frequent health concerns on their own, without having to make an appointment.

Learning is a way of life. Life at Cornell will pique your curiosity and stimulate your intellect at every turn, inside and outside the classroom. The opportunities are yours for the choosing! Below are a few of the many ways you can experience Cornell’s eclectic and vibrant student life.

Athletics & Recreation

For students seeking a more competitive element in their activities, Cornell competes in 37 varsity sports and more than 30 intramural leagues each school year. Go Big Red!

Cornell Cinema

Cornell Cinema has been cited as one of the best campus film exhibition programs in the country, screening over 150 films each year. Many films are introduced by faculty or graduate students, and faculty panel discussions and receptions sometimes follow.

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

The Johnson Museum numbers 40,000 works in the permanent collection. The museum regularly offers courses in collaboration with Cornell departments as well as a range of dynamic opportunities for students, including an active internship program, visiting artist talks, and custom tours. 

Willard Straight Hall Student Union

As one of the first college unions in the country, the Straight supports the events and functions of the many units within the Office of the Dean of Students, including student activities, student support, and fraternity and sorority affairs.