Why I Don’t Regret Choosing Cornell

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Taelor Matos Thumbnail Taelor M.

I vividly remember my mentors and professors telling me that a Cornell education is for life. “Take advantage of every opportunity and savor every moment,” they routinely said. In full transparency, I was terrified for what would come after college because of this overwhelming sentiment that the “best four years” were ending. I understand now that this foundation, which I, and so many others, acquired at Cornell, was just the beginning of the best to come. I am a new post-grad and am thankful to have chosen Cornell for my undergraduate education because of what it has taught me to cherish and challenge.

My twenties have been a time of immense growth, filled with excitement, anxiety, and change. Through it all, I have grown to be more resilient, curious, and routine. I use all of these to benefit my research and study schedule and to create more balance in my personal life. Cornell prepared me for the rigor of the coursework I am currently taking as a graduate student, but it also prepared me to value personal well-being. I have learned to respect and validate my emotions as I encounter inevitable stressors. Because of Cornell, I have taught myself to continuously seek out more healthful habits and be ruthlessly in charge of my sleep, fitness, and nutrition; these allow me to be my best during the workday. I am even more focused on my well-being than in undergrad, giving myself and others far more grace. I have learned to be in awe of how much people carry rather than how they carry it.

I carry the pride of being a Cornellian everywhere I go, especially while living in NYC. I made some of my best friends in Ithaca and still see them regularly, sometimes using the Cornell Club as a meeting spot. Because of these friendships, the transition to post-grad life has felt so natural and supported. And since graduating, my Cornell network has grown. I have made connections with other medical and graduate students at Mount Sinai because of our shared experiences and even reconnected with my past General Chemistry TA from four years ago. As I continue this chapter of my life, I am grateful to Cornell for allowing me to turn to the people and experiences that have always given me the perspective, resources, and confidence to tackle the next thing, big or small. They are my home and my cheerleaders!

For those considering applying to Cornell, I chose Cornell not only to prepare me academically but also to provide me with tools to build strong bonds in the years ahead. When I was deciding between schools, some were closer to home, but now I know there is nothing like the Cornell community. For those reading this from Ithaca, cherish your people and your formative experiences, but know there is so much to look forward to!