Global Opportunities

Cornell has had a global outlook from its very beginning. Students from Russia, Brazil, England, and Canada were among our earliest graduates. Cornell students, faculty, and alumni travel the world, searching for new knowledge and sharing their expertise. Many work in communities across the globe helping to affect real-world change. You can too.

Through courses, campus life, library resources, and programs, you can learn about the global opportunities Cornell provides. The world awaits.

Study Abroad

Cornell University offers a variety of programs for study abroad and international experiential learning.

Campus Life Resources

There is tremendous opportunity to meet, live, and work with international students and scholars, both on and off campus. Despite its small-town appeal, Ithaca is a surprisingly cosmopolitan city, thanks largely to Cornell, which is overflowing with the perspectives, ideas, and cultural traditions of countries all across the globe.

International Agreements

Cornell has long had international agreements with institutions across the globe. The University recognizes the value these exchanges have in broadening the international experience of participants and fostering goodwill between Cornell University and the international community.

Library Resources

The Cornell University Library offers outstanding collections and specialized staff dedicated to international studies. It includes nearly one million volumes focused on Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Mario Einaudi Center For International Studies

The Einaudi Center is a hub for global activity at Cornell. The center organizes, catalyzes, and supports collaborative and interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach programs across campus.