Recreation and Sports

Whether it's cheering on the “Big Red” at a hockey or basketball game, scaling cliffs as part of Cornell’s Outdoor Education program, or participating in an intramural dodgeball league, Cornell has plenty to offer on the sports and fitness front. 

Big Red Athletics

Cornell boasts 37 varsity sports teams for both men and women. The Cornell community comes out to support our athletes, which makes for tons of school spirit!

Intramural Sports

Since varsity sports might not be your thing, Cornell has developed an extensive network of other options for students. Whatever your skill level, Cornell offers more than 30 leagues and tournaments each school year.

Fitness Centers

There are four fitness centers located around campus, with an extensive array of cardio and weight equipment. These fitness centers offer dozens of group exercise classes throughout the year.

Cornell Outdoor Education

Discover the wilderness, experience a new adventure, and explore the world. Cornell offers the most comprehensive collegiate outdoor education program in the country.

Physical Education

Cornell boasts one of the largest and most diverse Physical Culture Programs in the country, with more than 100 courses taught by experienced instructors.