Veterans Summer Bridge Program

What is the Veterans Summer Bridge Program?

Cornell’s Veterans Summer Bridge Program is a special program designed to encourage and support those who have served to pursue a world-class education and earn a Cornell degree. The Veterans Summer Bridge Program is open to transfer (those who have earned 12 academic credits or more prior to enrolling) and first-year applicants.

How do I let Cornell know that I want to be considered for the Veterans Summer Bridge Program?

Just apply for admission as a first-year or transfer student. The admissions committee will consider this program as an option for applicants with U.S. military service. There is no separate application or place within the application for admission to indicate your interest in the program. 

How are students selected for the Program?

Students selected for this special summer program are strong candidates whom we believe could benefit from summer courses and a comprehensive support program designed to ensure a smooth transition to Cornell. Some students may be admitted with the condition that they attend the program, while other candidates admitted will be invited, but not required, to attend.

How does this option work?

Admission through Cornell’s Veterans Summer Bridge Program enables Veterans to engage in a focused summer program prior to fall semester.

What makes up the program?

Two tuition-free credit-bearing courses offered in Cornell’s Six-week Summer Session. Courses are selected in consultation with your admitting college/school.

What can I expect from this program?

Social and community-building experiences coordinated by Cornell’s Veterans Advocate in partnership with Cornell Undergraduate Veterans Association and the Warrior-Scholar Project offered at Cornell. The Veterans Summer Bridge Program provides a supportive foundation from which you will build the rest of your academic program at the Ivy League’s only federally-designated land-grant university. A Cornell education combines the rigorous intellectual tradition of the Ivy League and the democratic spirit of our nation's great public universities. 

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